The Family Guide to Emergency Preparation

October 21st, 2012 by admin

Emergency preparedness is not just a job for the government. In a true emergency, government assistance may take days to reach your home. It is important for your family to be prepared to survive for at least a week during an emergency such as an earthquake, tornado or flood that knocks out electricity and water services to your home.

Every family should have some essential items in their home. A week’s supply of water, nonperishable food, warm blankets, first aid supplies, flashlights and batteries is the absolute minimum that any family to have on hand in case of a disaster. If you have babies or young children, be sure to keep your disaster supplies relevant to the children’s ages. Babies need infant formula, but toddlers need solid foods. Because there is no way of knowing how long your family could be without power and running water, the more of these items you can store in your home, the more comfortable your family will be during the emergency.

Many families practice fire, tornado and earthquake responses on an annual basis. It is important for everyone in your home to know what to do in an emergency situation. You should have a designated meeting place and teach children to remain calm until they are reunited with the rest of the family in the safe location.

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