How the Government Gambles With Your Family’s Security

October 28th, 2012 by admin

Many people feel thankful for the government and all that they do in order to keep us safe and away from harm’s way. They believe that without the governments assistance that we would be in a world that is not safe and one that is filled with even more crime than it is now. Some people, though, do not feel as if the government contributes to a safer world. They believe that the government actually does opposite of that. These people, though few, stand firm by their beliefs in the corruption that is present in the government.

Some people feel as if the government gambles with their security. They feel as if sometimes the government does not take the necessary measures in order to keep their security safe. For example, at sport events, they feel as if there should be more enforcement present in order to keep the crowd safe. Instead, though, the government is cutting funding that is used to pay for law enforcement. Some do not understand why those cities with the highest crime rates have cuts in their law enforcement officers. One would think that those cities are the ones that need the most funding, not the least.

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