How to Take Charge of Your Family’s Personal Security

October 30th, 2012 by

As parents, we constantly wonder if we are doing enough or doing too much to protect our families. At times it feels like the line between not enough protection and too much protection is razor thin, but in many ways it is not. There are very simple ways to practically increase your family’s security and readiness without going overboard on costs or nerves.

For any danger your family may face, the most important step you can take is openly acknowledging the risk for what it is. Do the homework to separate the fear from the risk. People “fear” flying but the “risk” per mile traveled is about the same as driving. Many families refuse to let their children visit neighbor’s who own guns when a neighbor’s pool is five times as likely to cause an accidental death. Once you and your loved ones can acknowledge what the risks are in your neighborhood, you can then make plans to mitigate them.

Putting together a plan for a natural disaster or family crisis is the second step to increasing your family’s security. Begin with the simple steps like keeping or regaining accountability of the entire family if the house is not a safe option. Identify safe areas to meet, neighbors who can be trusted, and what items do family members need to keep on them at all times like identification and cell phones. Once you have built plans for everyday risks, then you can begin thinking about setting aside money each month to build first aid kits and emergency supplies. We all want the best for our families, if we can separate our fears from the actual risks, then we can start building plans to keep our families safe.

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