Home Defense Alternatives to the Gun

January 28th, 2013 by www.securitydefence.com

With all the violence happening in our schools and everything the government has been doing, you might find yourself in a tough position when it comes to bringing a gun into the home. Lots of gun owners who qualify, swear by their firearms in helping to protect their homes.

Maybe you have never handled one before. Or maybe you’ve got a family full of little ones and you just aren’t sure if you want to risk an accident involving your firearm.

It’s all right.

You can still protect your home and loved ones because there are plenty of alternatives to purchasing a firearm.

For instance, a dog would do wonders not just for the safety of your home but the overall quality of living – kids love dogs. Dogs have proven themselves in the past with their keen hearing and sense of smell – able to notify you when someone approaches the door.

A home with a dog is also less likely to be broken into because, let’s face it, burglars want your things but they don’t necessarily want trouble.

Another home defense option is just simply purchasing a home security system. There are plenty of providers out there these days. I actually have one in my own home. You have lots of options so if a gun doesn’t seem like the right call, don’t make it.

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